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Carnipure™ has long been discussed in the world of athletics, with numerous studies published regarding its effects on exercise performance and recovery. This version of Carnipure™ focuses on a new and exciting line of research, which represents a new paradigm emphasizing its ability to aid in the recovery process. This new paradigm posits a novel role for Carnipure™ and its ability to optimise recovery by reducing the hypoxic effects created during exercise. The studies discussed will show how Carnipure™ aids in the recovery process through increased blood flow, reduced metabolic stress markers, decreased muscle soreness, and improved recovery times.

Exercise Recovery

The University of Connecticut has attempted to develop a technology that would aid in reducing muscle soreness and improving recovery time. This new technology was built on the potential of enhancing the storage of L-carnitine in the endothelium of the smooth muscle within the capillary sphincter beds. Research has shown that a high concentration of L-carnitine in these sphincter beds leads to a dilation effect. Dilation, then, allows for increased blood flow and subsequently greater oxygenation of muscle tissues. 

Results demonstrated that indirect markers of muscle damage (creatine kinase, fatty acid binding proteins, and myoglobin) were positively influenced by Carnipure™ supplementation. To further support these indirect markers, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans were taken before and after exercise to show the direct impact on the muscle tissue. Results from the MRI scans further support the muscle recovery ability of Carnipure™, as those individuals who consumed Carnipure™ showed a nearly 40% reduction in overall muscle damage.

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